Thursday, June 21, 2007

You Learn Something New...I Follow, Now

My learning experience for the day was about nofollow here on Blogger. I had no idea that it was a default setting. I’d seen plenty of posts about turning it off on your Wordpress account but I hadn’t come across any reference to Blogger accounts until yesterday. Of course, I immediately went and turned the thing off. I am completely in sympathy with the dofollow community.

Instructions for turning off the nofollow on your own blogger account can be found at Tips 4 Blogspot. I also joined what’s known as the “D-list” over at Bumpzee. I can only guess that the “D” is for “Do Follow.” That's what it would mean if it were my idea, anyway.

After I spent far more time than necessary wandering around over there, I finally caved and checked out the Amazon Associates program. I’m still iffy on it but I thought I’d give it a try. If I’m going to blather on about grammar and writing and marketing, maybe we can all find useful resources together from the links. If we can’t, well, at least I didn’t pay anything to be a part of the program.

As not one bit of this is actually about improving your writing, I’ll throw in a link to Steven Barnes’s free 9-week writing course. He’s got a lot of other good information and motivation at his site,, as well, but this one really caught my eye. Now I’ll have to take it and let you know what I think afterwards.




Glad you joined the no follow movement. Promoting and marketing online revolves around networking. Taking away an incentive to network both socialy and spiderly (have I just invented a word?), makes no sense for anyone.



Thanks for the welcome! I agree that the entire point of networking is lost if you dead-end your blog. I'm glad to have learned about this relatively early in my experience.



Actually this has a lot to do with writing, though it might seem obscure.

1. Dofollow has become a little bit of a movement because people are making an effort to pass on information. The more information they provide, the more chance things will continue to snowball.

You don't have to be an expert to provide links through to sources of information.

2. Writers appreciate a reaction to what they have written, whatever the feedback - dofollow in some ways helps stimulate that reaction, in more comments and links.