Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Resources: Promote Your Blog, Blog for Someone Else

In my ‘net travels today, I found another set of places to submit your site. Some of these overlap with each other, but they are search engines rather dedicated blog or feed services. Variety is the spice and all that. Actually, I spent more time than I should have at today reading articles about promotion and optimization in their web design section. I even added meta tags to my page! My poor template is going to burst into flames if I don’t leave it alone for a couple of days.

And again, I found that Deborah Ng is providing a hugely useful set of links. This time, it’s a post about how to find blogging jobs. She also has daily and weekly updated listings. I was surprised at the number and variety of requests.

I didn't realize that there were so many people looking for someone to blog for them. I suppose I enjoy doing it myself so much that it didn’t occur to me that businesses might not have staff to dedicate to blogging, much less happen to have someone that enjoys and is good at it. Then again, I spend nearly all of my on-line time at sites where everyone writes. Not only do I hang out at blogcatalog and technorati but I write for and post at Associated Content. These sites are places where people talk about writing and making money doing it. It's easy to forget that many people either can't or don't want to spend time crafting well-written, informative pieces and then putting them out for (theoretically) all the world to see.