Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blog Carnivals, Pay-Per-Post, and a Free Course

Ah, the blog carnival. By a hundred other names, they still make me cringe! I cannot imagine filling this page with a list of links to blogs with which I am unfamiliar in an attempt to get my technorati authority up. It just feels too much like cheating. I’d rather get links by posting content that people have actually read and liked well enough to volunteer them.

That said, I did find quite a few good things on this particular list. It’s worth a perusal and even tempted me to add myself. I stood strong, though, for you. Okay, for my own integrity. The thought of an instant, reliable blog roll is great. Unfortunately, you cannot guarantee the quality of the blogs listed without checking them all yourself. Who has that kind of time?

Now that I’ve bashed one method of promoting your blog, I’ll turn to defending one way of making money from your blog. In the interests of disclosure, since I haven’t mentioned it for a while, I do sponsored posts. Well, I’ve done two. While neither of these were exactly on-topic, nor were they subjects that I felt were out of place on this blog. They were also honest assessments of the services reviewed. I am not above getting paid to look at sites, but I won’t stoop to saying nice things about them if I don’t believe what I write. Happily, Blogsvertise doesn’t require that I say nice things to get paid. That’s why I chose them! That isn't a referral link, by the way, as they don't offer a referral system - you sign up, you accept a job and write it, you get paid, you keep your money.

As a bonus for reading all of the way to the end of this ramble, here’s a 16-session free writing course developed by Melissa Fry at Gateway Community and Technical College in Kentucky.




Links list is a good way to increase your blog backlinks. Of course it is one easy fast way. I don't agree that it's a way of cheating. It's just a way to do it different with agreement from all parties involved.
But still in order to get loyalty from your readers, good content is a must!
Cheers. I like the free writing course.



I don't mean cheating, exactly, more like shading the truth, a little white lie. I'm with Google on this one - natural links count for a whole lot more with me.

I am thrilled to exchange links with folks who have related blogs, but I don't want to put a list of 57 blogs on mine when I don't even know what they're about. Do I want my "name" on their site? What if they write on something that I find offensive and they're pointing people at my site. Will readers assume that I agree with the other blogger? That scares me.