Friday, June 15, 2007

Brevity is the soul of...this post.

For those of us (notice I include myself in that pronoun) who need a reminder to stop blabbing and get to the point, Copyblogger has this post about keeping it short. Many of us are so enamored of our own “voice” that we forget to cut out the blather and stick to what other people want to know.

It’s especially important to remember this when you’re writing something to sell. Your customer doesn’t care how nimble your vocabulary may be, they care if what you’ve written is worth reading. If you’re writing copy, they care if it’s going to sell their product. Skip the hype and the hyperbole (like that) and stick to the facts.

The point is to keep the focus off of how clever you are and on the subject. It’s easy to lose sight of that when you’re alone at your keyboard with only the sound of your own thoughts. That makes such posts good periodic reminders.


Dean Martin


This is one I always have trouble with.

Whether it's my cultural tradition or I just like to go on and on with the pen, I seem to include too many details and side notes when I get going.