Saturday, June 16, 2007

You Learn Something New Every Day - Phrasal Verbs

Having been a student of English and Latin my whole life, it's always fun to discover something new. For instance, I'd never heard of phrasal verbs until today. But in my perusal of ESL pages in search of excellent tips, I ran across this page at Of course, I use them, but I never really considered that they were a grammatical construct with rules. Thus, this page is my food for thought today.

You may notice that I've started a blog roll in the ol' sidebar. I've been meaning to do so for a while, and I finally got a start on it. I intend to list only blogs that I visit on a regular basis and that relate to writing, promoting, or freelancing.

If you've visited before, you probably notice a lot of changes. Look for a few more. I am working on getting some sort of header image that says, “Legbamel can help you write better and earn money!” Shockingly enough, I've not found something that really says that to me. I downloaded GIMP for my freshly-wiped laptop today, so I'm excited to start playing with some of the ideas I've got. The focus on designing "brand me" has been taking time away from blogging and writing but it's all fodder. I intend to write some articles for Associated Content on being a beginner trying to develop branding for myself for free and from scratch.

Branding 's an important facet of getting people to remember you and to come back to you for more. Most articles I find on it refer to relatively expensive software or businesses to do it for you. My plan is to spend nothing but time on it and in 5 years to be ready to go full-time. I may not be setting the freelance or blogging world on fire, but I'm sticking to the plan. Actually, I've made about $150. Maybe once I get my image settled (and change my avatars in 27 different place) I can get back to writing and earning. Until then, at least I am compiling all of the resources here so that I can find them again!