Friday, June 8, 2007

Copywriting Tune-ups and Reading Ease

Eric Rosen over at Copywriting Tune-ups had a fantastic example of writing a great press release. Not only does he re-work a serviceable one into an exciting piece, but he goes through his reasoning point by point and is crystal clear about it. Maybe that’s why the name of his company is Clear Crisp Communications!

Rosen re-posted the entry to his other blog, Copywriting Makeovers. While his entries are necessary long, there are nuggets of gold in each makeover. If you don’t have the time or desire to read the whole explanation, look for the section titled “Copywriting Tune-up” in each entry. Just following those tips can really make a difference in your writing.

These blogs are also a great reminder to check your reading ease and the passive sentences when you’re editing. You can easily check these in MS Word simply by running a spelling and grammar check. If you don't have the tool with your word processor, you can use the one at (of all places) Dave Child's I Love Jack Daniels. Who knew that this was a serious site for techy business? It's definitely worth a browse.

I got so involved reading these and thinking about them that I have yet to develop my entry about I will post that either late today or tomorrow.