Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Does the World Need a Megaglobe?

I’ve been told about another new search engine/pay-per-click program - Megaglobe. It’s set to launch July 2nd. Using their search engine results in credits to your advertising accounts, which are used to pay for ads on their results.

I was favorably surprised by their search results. I did a search for “human c02 production” (without the quotes) and ended up with RealClimate’s argument that people are bad for the earth as the first result and this counter-argument from znet a few results down the page. These are both quality links with a ton of (incidentally fascinating) information each. There is no way, however, to tell if these sites are advertisers with Megaglobe. If they are, I’d say it speaks well to the caliber of their advertisements.

As a bonus, you can submit your site to their search engine. Of course, the first thing I when I got there was submit this site. I also submitted Associated Content in its entirety. You can never have too many results, right?

I didn’t see anything indicated on the Megaglobe site about whether the average joe (like you and me) can trade in credits for cash instead of advertising through them at some point. I sent them an e-mail and will edit this entry when I get a response.

UPDATE: I got the response that same night, which was pretty quick for folks who are busy gearing up for a launch in three weeks. In essence, they told me that the search rewards are credits with the site, period. If you're looking for a new place to advertise, then this would be of a lot more interest to you than if you're looking to make some money, although I suppose you could advertise your blog or affiliate sites.




Does the world need a Megaglobe?

It won't hurt :) !

I tried it few days ago and I kinda liked it.