Friday, June 22, 2007

ConstantContent and an HTML Tutorial

I found some interesting freelance site feedback in the forums at constantcontent. I’ve been considering submitting my non-exclusive articles from Associated Content there as well, since they’re already written.

[Completely self-promotional side note - my newest article, Is Urban Sprawl Making You Fat?, finally got published last night.]

I am hesitant because I hear that they reject articles for errors in spelling and grammar. I also have read that their rejections are none-too-gentle. Even though I’m confident in my abilities, I fear a typo sneaking in and spoiling my chances. Taking tentative steps forward right now means not taking chances with my fragile writer’s ego. Then again, how am I ever going to thicken my skin if I don’t take a few hits?

I’ve started so many new projects lately that I don’t think this is something I want to take on right now. I am going to keep it on my mental back burner, however. Once I commit, I can write an article and, with editing to fit the various audiences, submit it to at least three places for pay. Constantcontent’s standards are so tight because they are aiming for “professional” writers. That makes me think that getting published through them would be a good career move. I’m just not quite ready to be told that I’m not quite ready!

In the meantime, I’ll keep reading their blog. It’s filled with fantastic writing and stylistic information. My response to the grammatical puzzle? I would change “The jobs employers said they had difficulty finding applicants for, in rank order, were service, skilled positions, laborers, sales, and health related positions.” to “In the order of their rank, the jobs for which employers had difficulty finding applicants were service, skilled positions, laborers, sales, and health-related positions.” Too bad I’d have to be logged in to post it on their blog.

I followed the link to their partner, Page Resource, and found a great set of HTML tutorials as well. If you’re already familiar with these tags and tricks, there is also an advanced set.