Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Where to start looking for work on-line

Being as afraid of rejection as I am (and as busy as I can stand to be without committing myself to a deadline), I haven’t tried for any “real” freelance jobs. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t know where to find them! My link of the day is Deborah Ng’s fantastic resource. Of course, she gets a lot of her postings from the freelance mecca that is craigslist. If you haven’t heard of these two, you really are a beginner!

Now, craigslist can be difficult to navigate from the link above. It’s got a link to about a thousand cities (that would be a rough estimate) and of course you don’t need to be in the city where a publication is based to write for it. That’s where the freelance job links come in. They take the time to go through the listings and skip and garbage, only posting what they believe to be good offers. For instance, you won’t find this one on Ms. Ng’s blog. I’m interested in it because I like to write those reviews anyway. If I can get them published in print and read in a nearby city (and have them on hand to brag about!) then why not give it a shot?

Since you don’t get paid for this one, most folks who write for a living won’t be interested. But you have to either read the posting to find out or find listings that have already skipped offers like this or worse ones like this. I’ll try to post a couple of links a week to such lists, just to save some time and collect them in one spot. There will, of course, be a certain amount of overlap, but you never know who will find that gem that fits your style and ability perfectly.

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