Friday, May 11, 2007

Web Conferencing Software - Some thoughts.

I never really gave much thought to how you would organize a video conference or, even more complicated from my point of view, web conferencing. Then I got a link to the folks at It turns out that there are companies that do these things for you – all you have to do is pay (of course). They even have their own blog. It’s mostly press-release-style information, though, and hasn’t been updated since January.

Their hook is that MegaMeeting is comparatively inexpensive and you don’t have to sign a contract. You can even do personal videoconferencing with 5 people for about $30 a month. I hope my sister never learns about that! Their site is visually interesting and they have all kinds of little toys, like the “interactive” bandwidth chart. There are plenty of testimonials on the site as well.

Like I mentioned, I hadn’t really thought about organizing these things. Now, at least I’ve got a place to start comparison shopping for web conferencing software, should my boss get it into his head that we need to hold one.