Monday, May 28, 2007

Is Viewing Your Stats Bad For You?

While you can learn all sorts of fascinating details, sometimes I can't help but wonder if being able to see things like from where people came to your blog, how long they were there, and what they saw and clicked is bad for the average blogger.

On the one hand, I discovered that someone did a Google search for Deborah Ng, whose praises I have sung a plenty. Apparently my blog popped up and they wandered over, spending 14 mintues here. I love that person! But it is good for me to care so much?

Letting Other People Write The LinkBait is a lovely post by Andy Beard with which I whole-heartedly agree. What I write probably isn't over the heads of people who want to write well, but people who are on-line solely to cash in where they can won't understand what the heck I'm talking about. I am more than happy to have them visit, but I'd rather have people hanging around who share an interest in improving the tone of the blogosphere and of articles on the web in general.

The question is, does that make me a snob? Well, yes, but not necessarily in a bad way. I can admit to enjoying the toys and tools that come with various programs. I check my stats at MyBlogLog and AdSense and be thrilled with that day's numbers or despair about ever finding success.

I have to continually remind myself that I have not been around long enough to build a base of steady readers. And obsessing over where those who visit come from on an individual basis is not going to help me over the long term. What I need to do is to watch for trends over time. To do that, I've got to give myself time.

I've been posting all over the place looking for feedback, too. I see that there have been quite a few people wandering by so I wanted to thank those who have taken the time. I'd like this to be an attractive and useful place. I appreciate the help!




I think your blog is pretty resourceful, especially if you are into creative writing and such. Thanks for visting MY BLOG where I am showing a hot traffic exchange giving you cash for each page surfed, hits to your website, and they have a $50 referral contest!



You have done your research quite well. Thanks for sharing and put into words that are simple and easy to follow. However, do you think if we have many readers they could contribute to our AdSense stats? Maybe we could go for a charity click. I mean by visiting other blogs and click on the AdSense and maybe they could do the same...just a thought...



Thanks, guys! I'm happy to click on ads when I'm interested in the topics. I'm considering changing the text ads I'm showing to a different module as nothing entertaining ever pops up in there. It usually just gives categories of ads from which viewers can choose. [snore] Perhaps something with a little more information, or an actual link would attract more attention.



Yes, better not to click for charity. It would be unfair to the advertisers.