Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another Promotional Tool

I really want to get this blog into BlogCatalog - the even have a nifty button to add:
Submit Your Blog To The Blog Directory
But the first time I submitted it they said that it was too new. Since this is the 20th post, I'm hoping that they'll reconsider. I re-submitted yesterday, but forgot to add the aforementioned button. I'll try again today and see if they will let me play. [Edited to add that they did, indeed, let me in. Let's hear it for perserverance!]

I've got listings all over the place, and I've found that mybloglog, technorati, and blogcatalog are the ones from which that I get the most feedback, both in readers and in on-site comments. I've decided to narrow down my focus because it takes so much time to market yourself individually on 15 sites. Maybe I can get established better at these three and then expand. I don't really get how some folks are everywhere and seem to be up-to-date and responsive on all of the sites. Deborah Ng must have cloned herself a dozen times to keep up with her listings, her profiles, her newsletters, her updates, and still finding time to write to a couple of blogs, like Finding the Right Words. Deb, I wanna be just like you when I grow up!

Okay, that was my embarrassing gush for the month. It's hard not to be impressed by people who really seem to know where they're going. It's even harder not to be awed by those who have gotten there and never gloat about it. The key for me is to try being inspired rather than discouraged. I have to remember that all of the good writing jobs are not being snapped up in half an hour by far better and more experienced writers than I am. And that, if I don't try, I'm never going to get even one of them. In other words, I have to stop being a chicken and really put myself out there. That's part of the reason that I'm writing this blog. If I keep all of these resources in a place where I can easily find them then I can work up my courage to the point where I'll actually use them!




You are an active blogger and I am pleasantly suprised that in May alone you have 20 postings, that's quite a lot. I also try to write as many as possible but probably need to get inspiration from you.




Hi, came here via Fuel.
You seem to have so much technical information...I would love to understand a bit more about the technical side of blogging! I have that technorati thingy (widget)????
Just need some guidance really!



"May The Blog Be With You" - me

Welcome to your new journey online my friend.

You get back what you put into it. Treat this as though your life depended on it and you will see results in no time. Give value first to your readers and stay focused on creating some daily habits.

You will do just great!



Wow, thanks everyone! I really enjoy posting here and it seems that every day there's something new that pops into my head about doing so. That's probably because I love to read and find fascinating links all over the place. I try to share them - I figure I can't be the only one looking for this information or it wouldn't be all over the place.