Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Getting Your Feed Out There - Step One

So, no sooner do I post about how obsessing over stats is making me unhealthy than I come across two huge piles of “get traffic” information. But these blogs are worth more than just their tips on getting and keeping readers. The important thing is to write well and often, which is certainly covered in John Wesley’s post at pickthebrain.com about 27 lessons he's learned over the last six months.

Meanwhile, Brian Clark over at copyblogger.com not only knows how to get and hold people’s attention but he’s also suave enough to pull of a post called zen and the art of blogging. He’s also got numerous posts about networking and other strategies for getting subscribers.

Probably the most common tip I’ve read is to make your feed readily accessible. I hadn’t really thought about the fact that my “subscribe” text is small and is at the very bottom of this page. I’m investigating feedburner and other sites to see what my options are. I have the widget on my sidebar, but not everyone is going to want something that ostentatious for my feed. And who in the world is going to take the time to go to widgetbox and customize it?

That’s going to be my blog-improvement project for the week. As you can see at the top of my sidebar, I couldn’t even wait to finish this post before I started. I love toys. I'll report back later in the week about the other services they offer.




You should definitely sign up with Feedburner. Basically everyone uses them. The service is great and they give you good stats.



Yeah, I couldn't resist - they were everywhere and I'm a sheep. But they impressed me, so I went for it. Thanks for stopping by!