Monday, May 14, 2007

Dave Pollard and Kevin Muldoon, More Tips

I ran across a link to Dave Pollard’s blog on not just how to blog but how to do it well and how to get better. There are several insanely useful links in this post, so I'll just link to the whole thing. I've got a sneaking suspicion that my readability is not quite where it ought to be, under these guidelines. Then again, maybe I don't want it to be.

Again, I think the readability of your blog is an act of finding balance. I don't want to "dumb it down" to the lowest common denominator, but then again I don't want to alienate folks, either. If someone is looking for tips it isn't really going to help them if I like to stretch my vocabulary muscle rather than remembering that these posts are not solely for my benefit (or entertainment). I ran this post through the readability tool in Microsoft Word and was pleasantly surprised to see that I’m doing better than I thought. I was pretty close to Mr. Pollard’s specified target numbers.

As promised, I did take a peek at Kevin Muldoon’s blog as well. Apparently it’s only been up since March of ’07 but he’s packed a ton of information into it. There was an interesting entry on doing paid reviews on your blogs. It makes some good points about how to do them better and thus how to get paid more. He’s got a pile of information about making money on the web. The only real criticism that I have is that he has a tendency to forget his capital “I” and skip spaces after periods. That’s distracting for a grammar freak like me.