Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Writing Tips and Thoughts

In looking for blogs to include on my Blog Day post tomorrow, I ran across Angela Booth. While I'm not in love with her style, she offers a lot of information for freelance writers. She's got one blog for writing for the Internet, another for freelance writing in general, and more on blogging and copy writing. You have to dig a bit for the meat, but she does hide plenty between the gristly ads.

I quite liked the technique she shared of chatting with yourself to get into your writing. You can use it to explain to yourself what you want an article to accomplish or what to include in your novel's next scene. You'll end up writing part of what you wanted to do anyway – just flesh it out properly!

Then I ran across Laura Spencer. Her post if friends and family are involved in your writing started a train of thought. I blog about writing style and grammar because no one in my off-line life cares about them enough to have lengthy, thoughtful, frequent discussions.

I wonder if that's a frequent motivation for bloggers – that they have an interest that their “real world” contacts don't share their passions. What an excellent reason to write articles and blog about something – because you want to connect with (and educate) others about what you love. There's my feel-good-about-the-Web thought for the week.


Charles Reynolds


I can't believe people in your world haven't a desire to discuss your charming skills as a grammarian!

That's crazy!

Oh well, I enjoy them.



Thanks. I can't believe it either, but people just aren't as fascinated by it as I. What can one do? ;)