Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Quickie Post: Free Courses and Common Errors

Open Education Resources offers a wide variety of free courses, including seven about writing. While they may not all be your cup of tea, they may be valuable as writing exercises or prompts. If you need a breather from all of that writing talk, you can always wander over and take an algebra refresher.

Your Dictionary offers a list of the 100 most common mispronunciations. I don’t agree with all of the ones on the list (like fisical for fiscal), but their etymology is interesting and some of my worst pet peeves are there (like prolly for probably). That last example includes an explanation of haplology. The folks also explain that snuck is not a word. Who knew?

They also offer the 100 most misspelled words where you can learn just why you spell bellwether that way. The list also includes the little-known “playwright” and the wily “medieval”.