Sunday, August 5, 2007

Freelance Job Listings and Quick Style

Since my job listings post yesterday was about a site that does not yet have freelance jobs, I wanted to balance that out with a few sites that do. has a conglomeration of jobs from several different sites. They also maintain a list of some excellent writing contests. It runs toward poetry and short stories, as most of these lists do, but contains some impressive offerings.

Then you have Deborah Ng at Writer's Row with near-daily job leads and the freelance writing jobs listed at I'd not heard of the latter and was impressed to find jobs for the US Senate and Aetna Inc.

Both of those jobs were culled from other job boards I hadn't seen before, either. It just goes to show you that you can never know everything. Following these breadcrumb trails ought to keep you folks busy for more than a few minutes!

Once you've hooked that freelance job you'll want to make sure that your article or other work passes muster. The College of Wooster may not want to hire you, but they do offer you a gift. Their web site has an APA Style Crib Sheet is available for download or your perusal. The section on hyphenation alone may keep me up at night.


Sharon Hurley Hall


Thanks for the tip on the new jobs site, legbamel. I hadn't heard of it either.



Interesting information.

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Nice to "see" you guys again.

Erik, I don't put my articles up for free because I'm greedy and I'd rather get paid. ;) I ahve also not been particularly impressed by the quality of articles at many free submission archives. I am not familiar with piecelibrary so please don't take that as a slam, just a general observation.

I know that using such directories has been a workable strategy, however, for bloggers who aren't published elsewhere. Thanks for the tip on their behalf.