Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Quickie Post: SEO Improves

On SEO Egghead there is a great post about remembering grammar in copy writing. It's an excellent reminder that using keywords overwhelms natural language if you don't choose the phrases and their uses carefully.

With search engines getting more sophisticated every month, writing repetitive copy will now lose you a job or lose your client the ranking for which they were looking when they hired you. Either outcome is bad for you as you don't get paid. Writing readable and "searchable" copy the first time will save frustration for both of you.

Increase your optimization with related terms, reordered phrases, and phrases with added modifiers. You will avoid boring and awkward copy and create useful and findable text. Your clients will jump for joy because customers can search for their products and actually find them. You can enjoy writing instead of slogging through repetitious drivel. Let's hear it for improved algorithms!




Might that be why copy letters seem to be so LONG? To have room to put all those different key phrases in naturally?