Friday, August 31, 2007

August 31st is Blog Day!

Happy Blog Day, all! I hope that my five blogs give you some insight into writing or the on-line world. They’ve certainly helped and entertained me.

Brian Gill has a few blogs, most of which are valuable and/or entertaining – sometimes both at the same time. The one I’m including on this list addresses running a small business from home. Many of his tips apply to freelancing on-line, and the ones that don’t still offer interesting insights. His first post, the principle of the speckled ax, makes an important point about balancing perfection against effort. Sometimes, good just has to be good enough.

Then there’s Misti Wolanski over at Cuppa Caff. Her new blog covers writing and the theme for this month is “Why Write…”. She tackles various genres of writing including articles, fiction, and scripts and how to decide which of these you should use. I can’t wait to see what she chooses for next month’s theme.

Once you know what you want to write, visit the team at Daily Writing Tips for some refreshers and pointers. They cover a wide variety of writing subjects, including freelancing and writing style.

If you want to read about freelance writing and blogging, try Chris Bibey at Chris Blogging. The two subjects mesh on so many levels that having information from someone who does both helps you keep you perspective. He also comes up with great links – you know I love a good breadcrumb trail and Chris points me in interesting directions.

Finally, take a read through Lillie Ammann’s blog A Writer’s Words, an Editor’s Eye. She has a link list as long as somebody’s arm to other writing blogs, as well as posts on freelancing, writing, and publishing.

I hope that you find these as useful as I do. Now to let these folks know that I've included them in my Blog Day list. Enjoy!




Thanks for including my blog in your Blog Day post! I found this in a Google alert, and I subscribed to your feed after reading some of your excellent posts.



Glad to see you participated in Blog Day 2007! Thanks for sharing your post with us.



This is my first visit here on your blog, and a fantastic one at that, have a great blog day, and I shall be visiting all those you have kindly listed.



Nice to "see" you folks! Lillie, I was happy to include yours. I've stopped by from time to time and was glad to have something so useful to share.



Aw, I know it's belated, but thanks for that plug for Cuppa Caff. I appreciate it.

I'll have to check out that small business blog. I have too many ideas for businesses and computer programs and no idea how to go about making them.