Friday, November 9, 2007

Quickie Post: Grammar Fun

Today, I’m giving you a list of entertaining grammar posts on other blogs. Don’t think this is laziness, dear readers. I am working up a lovely post about offering creative insults trough a stronger vocabulary. I just didn’t want to make you wait until I was done with it.

Shakadoo had a post today about excessive punctuation use.

Sleepydrake posted a great rant about the misuse of homonyms at (Remind me later to explain why the word homophone would have been better than homonym for this post. I'll probably forget, but this isn't really the time.)

Dawn Goldberg posts about discovering a new word at Write Well Me.

And Richard Nordquist of posted the perfect lead-in to my pro-vocabulary post with this explanation of bdelygmia.

Enjoy, and come back tomorrow for some examples of curious ways to insult your inferiors.