Saturday, September 22, 2007

Verbs Gone Soft: Nominalization

Raymond Ward at Minor Wisdom had this interesting post (and a few more interesting comments) regarding -tion words and their use. While I think the post over-simplifies the -tion suffix, I do think he has a valid point.

I followed up with some research on nominalization and the passive voice. You know that I've declared war on that bugger in my own writing. Thus, I seek ways to simplify finding and eliminating it.

In today's search, I came across a few sites that offer excellent advice and/or examples. DG Jerz at Seton Hill University offers a useful page that demonstrates that -tion is not the only bad guy. Two sets of revised nominalizations offer concrete options.

Now I am considering that last sentence and wondering about “options”. Should I change, “offer concrete options” to, “ you opt for concrete...”? That just adds words and clouds the point. Not all -tion words drag you down. As in so many things, following the rules carries you only so far. After that you need a little talent.

I ran across something related but more extensive today, as well. Daniel Kies has the text book for his Composition course at the College of DuPage. This starting page links to a good web of clear information about sentences and writing well worth exploring.

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Yep, I will plead guilty to over-simplifying. We all learn as we roll along.