Friday, September 7, 2007

Fallacies Are Always Bad

I have entertained myself today reading the Fallacy Files examples and explanations. The breezy writing style makes the specific examples and detailed explanations seem like juicy gossip.

Wander by the fallacy blog, while you’re there. Where else can you read such useful terms as “argumentative trees” and given ways to apply them, all in one post? In addition, you get current, real-world examples of faulty logic in arguments and explanations of how to recognize them.

You don’t need to know the “proper” names of various fallacies, but you must learn to recognize them. Either you can to use them to trick people (poorly behaved though that may be) or you want to recognize them in the articles or posts of others. For troll-like fun, you can call a well-meaning person on a fallacious argument and really get up their dander. Beware the power of logic! Use it only for good.




"Beware the power of logic! Use it only for good."

Oh, dear. That must be why my friends have expressed worry about me ever being in a logic class.

I'm in one now. I'll try to remember not to have too much fun. :-)




I find that advertising generally makes me laugh or makes me angry since my logic class many years ago. Ususally I find it funny that they use such senseless logic but sometimes they are sneaky. Those are the ones that make me mad. Be honest and let people make up their own minds! [When huge corporations follow that advice pigs really will fly.]