Monday, July 16, 2007

Quickie Post: Blogging Jobs

Blog job alert: Pointless Banter Media is setting up a blog network that will pay you to blog. They’ll also provide training for SEO and promotion. There’s no word yet on what they expect to pay, but if you’re interested in the opportunity check out the link. You can either migrate your existing blog to their site or propose a topic for a new blog (assuming they’ll have you).

I applied a few weeks ago. I received an e-mail that they are searching for more blogs so that they can launch channels successfully, meaning that they would like to have enough content to promote immediately. Again, I don’t know what they will pay. The intent is to get strong content, organize it into channels so that readers can easily find related blogs, and then use the traffic to get higher advertising revenue. They’d like folks to start posting in August with a minimum of five posts per week, so that blogs are “populated” for the planned launch in September.

If that one doesn’t float your boat but you’re looking for other paid blogging opportunities, try Blogger Jobs which is entirely dedicated to the subject. There wasn’t much on there that I would be able to run a daily blog about but there were plenty of jobs posted. Or you could just go to the page devoted to the subject. [snerk]