Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Freelance Writing Jobs and Where to Look

Another article-writing opportunity has reared its lovely head. LookingForClues pays $10-$20 for articles a minimum of 600 words in length. They must be exclusive to the site and you must include personal experiences in the article. This is a reasonable way to establish your expertise but it does limit your topics.

The best part, for a beginning freelance writer, is that they edit your submission for style and return it to you for polishing before they publish it. Not only do you get paid but you get professional edits for your education. I intend to submit at least a few articles to take advantage of this service, as soon as I write something that I feel is strong enough for them to accept. I’d hate to abuse their generosity, but I’d hate even more to miss out on the opportunity. Read through the writers’ guidelines and let me know how it goes.

While I’m posting about jobs, I thought I’d mention Sun Oasis and their list of freelance writing jobs. I checked a few of the links and they appeared to be for valid, paying jobs. This is another conglomeration of links from other sites, but you never know when someone has sources that other listings have missed.

You can also check out Poe War, also known as the Writer’s Resource Center I have been in contact with several people who have found writing gigs through this site as well. I’ll have to add them to the job listings in my sidebar when I update it again. They have a wide range of listings, from one-off articles to contract and full-time jobs.