Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Balance in My Writing Life

I have a trio of recent articles that I haven’t mentioned. The latest was another journey on my hobby horse: How Urban Sprawl Ruins Roads at Associated Content. I got my highest offer ever for this one – I finally broke the elusive $6 mark.

The other two are at Helium. One is about a favorite anime series of mine, Trigun, and the other takes a swipe at explaining why “reduce” and “reuse” are as important as “recycle”. I will be reworking that one to submit to AC, too.

Being without internet access for the weekend really forced me to get some work done, even if I couldn’t post it right away. I did things that I had put on the back burner because I had so much networking and promotion to do. (Networking and promotion means checking through Technorati, BlogCatalog, mybloglog, blogflux, and the other half a dozen places where I try to be active and find places to pop in links or mention how wonderful I am. I am uncomfortable doing this so it’s actually work for me.)

The fact that I had so many articles sitting around partially written (there are still two waiting to be edited) and that I finally made time to fix the header for this blog opened my eyes to the fact that, once again, my efforts were out of balance. I should spend my writing time writing; everything else is ancillary. I need the practice, and the little bit of cash is handy, too. Squidoo lenses, as much fun as they are to set up, aren’t nearly as useful to me as new articles.