Saturday, February 2, 2008

Step Three: Pronoun Wrap-Up

I know that you are all eagerly awaiting a lengthy discourse on the other types of pronouns. I have, however, made my point about learning the difference between subjective and objective pronouns. I would only appear indulgent to you if I continued the diatribe.

I will, however, offer some links to information on the other types of pronouns. The Internet Grammar of English offers a lengthy list of other types of pronouns for your perusal. The Tongue Untied has a solid pronoun section covering six types, as well. They have included an informative segment on relative pronouns and understanding which works where.

Visit The Writing Centre at the University of Ottawa, if you've not run across their site in your travels. They have a nice, long section on pronouns. They also offer a more interesting page on tricky pronoun questions Explore their HyperGrammar section, while you're there.

As ever, please drop me a note if you have questions or need help with a specific usage problem. I'm happy to give or find an answer for you.