Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quick Note: Big Changes on the Horizon

I've been working on a complete overhaul of my template for weeks now. I have a completely new look selected but I'm nervous about implementing the change. I'm sticking with Haloscan for comments but the sidebar will be changed from top to bottom.

I hope that the transition is as smooth as it appears. I intend to make the switch next weekend, after one or two more tweaks. I apologize in advance for the inevitable bumps in the road, and for the dearth of posts lately. Once I get things settled I should have more time to post instead of fiddle behind the scenes.

In short, keep your eye on the this space. Let me know of any bugs you discover: buttons that don't work, widgets or items you liked that have disappeared, etc. I'm looking forward to the cleaner, more professional-looking layout. Once I add the tracking code for stats I should be ready. Thanks for your patience, and for reading.

Edited to say that I tried a test revision and completely slaughtered both. I will have to delete all of the sidebar page elements before I attempt to add the new ones. If anyone has done a complete template replacement, I'd love some encouragement or suggestions. Thanks! I promise another exciting pronoun post in the near future.