Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Choosing Your Pronouns: An Introductory Rant

Over the past twenty-five years, or so, I have noticed an increase in the substitution of incorrect pronouns. Simple mistakes I can understand, but this burgeoning habit comes from a more insidious source.

In attempts to sound more formal and intelligent, flaky celebrities have been uttering (as haughtily as possible) sentences such as, “Bobby D came to the club with she and I, but we only drank Red Bull.” Disregarding the level of Bull in that sentence, it’s simply, grammatically, wrong.

It’s bad enough to hear people on television and in movies starting sentences with, “Me and Julie are…”. How much worse to hear people deliberately use “I” as an object because they want people to take them seriously? And for the worst thing of all, people emulate how famous people talk.

Celebrities behave badly and speak poorly; they have for a hundred years. There exist only so many avenues for a poor grammar aficionado to address their lax grammatical and “vocabularial” standards. I hereby take a stand against the pronoun abuse that becomes more and more prevalent.

I will post my pronoun manifesto in sections over the coming two weeks. If you cannot wait for more information, click “pronouns” in the tag cloud to the left and join the movement. Vive la resistance!