Friday, October 5, 2007

Some General Writing Advice

Mr. Griffen over at the Barley Hut offers excellent writing advice. The last three on the list separates it from the million others out there. Don’t miss the comments, either. There’s lots of meat in there as well.

On the other end of the stick, you have freelance writer John Scalzi and his writing advice. Much of it flies in the face of the feel-good creative writing advice to which you are accustomed. That’s because he’s writing about composing requested pieces for money. Sometimes, writing is about paying the gas company rather than following your muse.

These two offer a good balance between writing for passion and writing for profit. When you have a chance to write whatever you want, grab it and write yourself to pieces. But don’t bemoan an opportunity to write what someone else wants if they pay you to do it. Have a voice and a style, but don’t make that more important than writing to an audience and providing what your client wants.

If you can’t get enough writing advice (or are looking for just one more thing to read before you start writing) try, where Durant Imboden has an article—or two—for every occasion. Then close your browser and write, dangit!




"Then close your browser and write, dangit!"

How'd you know exactly what I need to hear so I can work on my English paper, right now? :-D

Yessir, I'll go work on it…



Get to work, young lady! [chuckle]