Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quickie Post: On-Line Writing Jobs

You can find a million jobs on-line, through various listings and through your own research. For instance, 5 minutes on Google netted me the following possibilities:

- Demand Studios owns a bunch of on-line companies and want writers for them.
- The AARP Magazine is open to submissions and pays $1 a word or 25% of the fee if they decide not to publish your story.
- Mothering Magazine accepts articles on a decent range of topics and poetry, as well.
- ProBlogger, of course, has a lovely list of blogging jobs available.
- b5media is looking for bloggers, too.

Take a few minutes and do your own digging. You never know what's out there if you don't look.




As a somewhat pertinent note, readers would likely find it more useful if you gave some searching tips rather than just said it's possible. (For example, how'd you pick the keywords?)

Just in case you want to go that route.