Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ultra-Quickie Post: Happy National Grammar Day

I wanted to extend to you all a reminder that today is the Society for the Protection of Good Grammar's National Grammar Day. In its honor, let me share the worst headline I saw this morning: "OMG! Italy [sic] Catholics asked not to text during Lent". Apparently the Associated Press has never encountered the word Italian to describe people who live in Italy.

I am editing this on March 11th to add this horrendous sentence from the AP, this time out of Germany and a confusing introduction to a story that is bad enough without poor writing: "A 17-year-old gunman dressed in black opened fire at his former high school in southwestern Germany on Wednesday then fled in a hijacked car, killing at least 15 people." One assumes that the young man in question did not kill people using the car, but how can one tell?