Saturday, July 19, 2008

Writing Links to Keep You Busy

On this lazy, rainy day, I've decided to do some blog hopping. That means juicy links for you, my favorite readers.

  • Bob Younce at The Writing Journey shares 178 writing tips. You'll find dozens of good reminders and a slew of handy links.
  • One of those was to Vanessa Guinta's blog, where I found support for my “hunt down and kill the passive voice” stance.
  • Freelance Writing Gigs delivers not just what their title promises but a useful post and discussion about paid blogging jobs.
  • Georganna Hancock covers the difference between since and because at A Writer's Edge.
  • The Word Strumpet, Ms. Charlotte Rains Dixon, offers some tips for what to do when you're spinning your writing wheels.
  • In her sidebar, I found a link to Ink Provoking, a good-sized set of writing prompts. While they don't appear to live up to their subtitle, there are plenty of prompts to tide you over.
  • 11 Rules of Writing now has a discussion forum. One of the boards is dedicated to writing pet peeves. I may never leave, if I dare to enter. I'll certainly never finish this post if I start reading and responding there.